Botox and Fillers


As we get older, nature can sometimes need a helping hand. Non-surgical facial treatments can work wonders in reducing and softening wrinkles and facial lines.
Botulinum Toxin Type A is now the most commonly performed non-surgical facial treatment worldwide as many patients embrace the benefits of Facial Aesthetics. It is also licensed in the Uk for facial aesthetics.

What is Anti-Wrinkle Injection?

Botulinum Type A is derived from a purified bacterium. , it is injected directly into hyperactive muscles to temporarily reduce their activity by blocking muscle signals.

What areas do you treat?

Commonly treated areas are frown lines between the eye-brows, ‘Crows- feet’ or laughter lines around the eyes and Forehead lines.

What does treatment involve?

It is a straight-forward procedure. Very fine needles are used to gentle inject tiny amounts into specific muscles. You can even visit in your lunchtime. You will usually see results in 3-10 days and effectively smoother, reduced lines, depending on your initial appearance. The over-all effect is very natural and as subtle as you wish.
You will be invited to return about a week after your treatment for a complimentary review to ensure you are happy with the benefits of treatment.

Can anyone have the treatment?

There are some medical contra-indications, which include Pregnancy/ Breast-feeding and autoimmune disorders, Bleeding Disorders or Anti-coagulants, general disorders of muscle activity and certain medications eg Aminoglycoside antibiotics. A medical history will be discussed in confidential prior to treatment for your safe treatment.
How long does it last?
Treatment time generally lasts up to3 months. Re-treatment is then required. Some patients are happy to leave longer between treatment, eg 6-9 months. Should you not continue with further treatment, the effect will gradually fade as it is a reversible treatment.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are used to smoothing out lines around the mouth and plump up thinning lips so you have the perfect pout. Dermal fillers work by filling the creases, lines or wrinkles to add volume so the area is smoother and plumper.  The treatment takes around thirty minutes and may cause some very slight bruising that will last then than twenty-four hours. treatment can be repeated every eight to 10 months to maintain your desired appearance.


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