Chemical Peels

Chemical peels help improve specific skin conditions such as Acne, Rosacea, and pigmentation.

By removing dead skin cells with its deep exfoliating properties and increasing your cellular turn over, your chemical peel will help reduce the skin discolouration and imperfections leaving your skin brighter and with an instant glow.

Depending on each of our client concerns we will tailor our peel to suit our client’s needs. We offer different peel strengths, for example “The stimulator or Red carpet” light Peel with little to no down time or, for a deeper exfoliation, the “ZO 3 step” peel.
After your treatment, it is important that you allow time for your skin to heal, at peace dental centre we recommend avoiding wearing makeup or using stimulating ingredients for the next 24/48 hours

Recommended for:

• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Anti-ageing
• Pigmentation
• Scars
• Rosacea
• Acne
• Acne scars
• Open pores
• Sun damage

Recommended number of sessions

• Light Peels – 3 to 6 treatments every two weeks
• Deeper exfoliation- 1 treatment every twelve weeks

Treatment time

• 30/45mins

Recovery time

• Light peels: 1 – 2 hours
• Deeper exfoliating peels: 7- 10 days