Fee Guide

Upfront and honest fees…

Our fee guide is here for illustration purposes only, a full estimate will be given on all work prior to the work being carried out.

Fees correct as of 5th of April 2017
Initial examination, including all small x-rays. £55
Regular examination, (within 2 years) £45
X-rays panoral £25 each
Study models £35 each
Wax-up £35  per unit
Preventative Care
Periodontal treatment by hygienist £56 ( 30 mins)
Scale & polish by hygienist £56
 Periodontol treatment by dentist  £76
 Scale & polish by dentist  £76
Fluoride Application £15
Fissure Sealing £45 (per tooth)
Sports mouth guard/Soft night guard  £95 each
Michigan splint (hard splint)  £455 each
Temporary filling £35 each
Amalgam (silver)  from £75 (small)
Amalgam (silver) from £85 (medium)
Amalgam (silver)  from £105
Composite (white) from £85 (small)
Composite (white) from £115 (medium)
Composite (white) from £145 (large)
Glass ionomer £75 small
Glass ionomer £95 large
Advanced Restoration (including lab fees)
Ceramic crown (emax)  £595 each
Gold crown from £595
Porcelain bonded crown (with metal) £545 each
Re-Cement crown £75 per unit
Lab made post/core £105 each
Surgery-made post/core £145 each
Bridge from £445 each
Gold inlay/onlay £355 each
Ceremic Bridge  £545 each
Temporary bridge – Ribbond £95 each
Resin bonded bridge (Maryland), metal wings £375 each
Veneers £545 each
Root Filling ( including X ray)
Incisor/canine £260 each
Premolar upper/lower £360 each
Molar £450
Extraction from £125
Complex/root divide/surgical £195
Treatment for infected socket (per socket) £35
Suture removal (per tooth) £15
Prosthetics (lab fees)
Full set acrylic dentures (upper & lower)  £1250
Upper or lower acrylic dentures £750 each
Partial acrylic denture £650
Partial CrCo (metal) £950 per arch
Tooth addition to existing denture  (5 working days) £75
– Same day(2 working days) £105
Denture re-line  (hard lab made) £100
Flexi Denture (per arch)  £850
Smile Design Consultation £85
Whitening – Home Kit £245
Whitening – In surgery £490
Additional whitening gel  3 x syringes £75
Airflow  £75
Teeth Straightening (including retainer & whitening)
6 month Smiles/Quick Straight Teeth £3250
 Single Arch £2750
Smilelign- Invisible Braces (single arch) £1750
Inman Aligner (single arch) £1450
Dental Implants
Consultation £85
Dental Implant (single tooth including crown) £2500
Single passport application £35
copies of record £5- £50
other- letters etc. (from) £35

Dental treatments are bespoke, so a list of every treatment available would run to thousands and would be confusing. Only the most familiar treatments are listed here. If you are interested in a treatment that you do not see listed please ask.