Private Fee

Private Fee Guide

Our dental centre is dedicated to providing a high quality of dental care for all our patients and fees are calculated to cover the costs of providing high standards.

All prices are an estimate and the final quotation may vary depending on each individual case.

Diagnosis   £
Initial examination, including all small x-rays.   65.00
Regular examination (within 2 years)   49.00
Occlusal analysis   155.00
X-rays panoral each 35.00
Study models each 39.00
Wax-up per unit 35.00
Preventative Care    
Periodontal treatment by hygienist 30min session 69.00
Scale & polish by hygienist   59.00
Periodontal treatment by dentist 30min session 89.00
Scale and polish by dentist   79.00
Fluoride Application   15.00
Fissure sealing per tooth 55.00
Sports mouth guard/Soft night guard each 125.00
Michigan splint (hard splint)   459.00
Temporary filling each 49.00
Amalgam (silver) small 85.00
Amalgam (silver) medium 115.00
Amalgam (silver) large 135.00
Composite (white) small 95.00
Composite (white) medium 125.00
Composite (white) large 165.00
Glass ionomer small 85.00
Glass ionomer large 105.00
Advanced restorations including lab fee    
Ceramic Crown (emax) each 675.00
Gold Crown each 645.00
Porcelain Crown (with metal) each 595.00
Re-Cement crown Per unit 85.00
Lab made post/core each 125.00
Surgery-made post/core each 175.00
Gold inlay each 395.00
Temporary bridge -Ribbond per unit 105.00
Bridge from per unit 545.00
Ceramic bridge per unit 595.00
Resin bonded bridge (Maryland), metal wings per unit 375.00
Veneer each 645.00


Implant Consultation   65.00
Implant + Crown Per unit 2500.00
  Additional unit 2000.00
Root fillings (including x-rays)    
Incisor/canine each 275.00
Premolar upper/lower each 375.00
Molar   475.00
Extraction from   135.00
Complex/root divide/surgical   205.00
Treatment for infected socket Per socket 45.00
Suture removal Per tooth 25.00
Prosthetics (incl lab fees)    
Full set acrylic dentures (upper & lower)   1450.00
Full Upper or full lower acrylic dentures each 850.00
Partial acrylic denture   750.00
Partial CrCo (metal) per arch 975.00
Flexi Denture             Per arch 850.00
Tooth addition to existing denture (5-working days)   85.00
Same day: (within 24-48 hours)   125.00
Denture re-line Per arch 125.00
Smile Make-over Consultation   75.00
Whitening – Home Kit   245.00
Whitening – In surgery   395.00
Additional whitening gel X3 syringes 79.00
Airflow   76.00
Teeth Straightening

(includes fixed and removable retainer)

Quick Straight Teeth Both arches 2950.00
  Single arch 1750.00
INVISALIGN Both arches 3250.00
  Single arch 2250.00
Composite Bonding Per tooth 145-275.00
50% discount for composite bonding and tooth whitening following tooth alignment.    
Signing passport applications Per application 35.00
Other – letters etc from 35.00